Jan Shank:
Title: VW and the kids
Where: I have an Autistic Grandson, Jasiah, who is 9 this year. However this picture was taken at a car show in 2010. He was showing the other kids all the items I was showing inside my trunk. It's one of my favorites. He 'gets' the whole vw passion and my car will become his when I say so!
Story: I am 50 years old with a great family, however, the only person in the family who "gets it" with VW's is my Grandson, Jasiah. he was with me the day I bought it, the day I picked it up and for many car shows since then. I have 3 tattoos dedicated to VW's. last fall I had the chance to take "HERBIEBIFF" to OCMD Endless Summer Cruisin' hot rod and muscle car show. I proudly drove him down the boardwalk and into the inlet with the other 3000+ registered cars. We won one of the Chamber of Commerce Elite Best of Show awards. I was stunned! But so proud! I lost my parents at a young age but my best childhood memories are of being out driving our bug in the snow on the empty streets and being at the beach, OCMD of course, 2 weeks every year. There is a commercial fishing boat there "Jan and Tony" owned by Martin's seafood. I remembered it from a kid and its still there 26 years after I married Tony! My total by chance PA antique license plate is T53J. Tony HERBIE Jan!