Megan DeMoss:
Title: Love doesn't always look perfect
Where: This picture may not look like love but to me it's everything love is. Love protects and that's what my beetle did not only for me but for my 1 year old son. We walked away without a scratch after being hit by an 18 wheeler. My car was my guardian angel. People say after in an accident like that u want a big SUV but after an accident like that I wanted a car I knew would keep both me and my child safe. I bought another beetle and could not be happier or more in love.
Story: As a little girl I remember my parents playing the "punch bug" game. I fell in live with the car as a little girl and wanted to drive one for as long as I can remember. I've had 3 beetles. The 1st my ex made me trade in and I say in the jeep dealership and cried my eyes out. My 2nd was hit by an 18 wheeler and totaled and I have my 3rd now. I do a lot of modeling and I've tracked down two older broken down beetles just to do a photo shoot with! The pictures came out great now I'm trying to track down a VW bus! I also have an idea for a photo shoot with my current beetle! I'm always thinking of ways to mix my two favorite hobbies modeling and VW :)