Paige Kelly:
Title: Volkswagen Love
Where: From left to right: my boyfriends 1984 rabbit, his 2013 gti, my 2006 jetta and our 1982 rabbit diesel project car hiding in the back. All are manuals, lowered and somewhat modified. The 84 rabbit sat for about 10 years before we bought it and brought it back to life, including a motor swap he did himself.
Story: I am 23 and have had my jetta for about 2 1/2 years. It's the first VW I've owned and I love it. Sean has had his 84 for about 6 years and his gti for about a month after trading in his 03 gti. We are both very passionate about our VWs and do all the work to them ourselves. I work in the parts department at a dealership in southern NH and he does mobile electronics. Cars are a huge part of our lives and our relationship.