Ryan Murphy:
Title: Goodbye my love
Where: This is what is left of my '03 Jetta Gli. I owed this car for 7 years, it was always there for me and got my safely away from some tough spots. In May a ford f150 crossed the double yellow line drove over me and then into a telephone pole. My Jetta was caught in a tail spin, parts of her were spread 30 ft down the road including my front axle with wheel attached. I landed between a telephone pole and the front porch of a house. Amazingly I ended up with only 3 stitches in my forehead. But my Gli was totaled, I believe this car saved my life.......she was the best, I'll miss her.
Story: I'm 27 years old. I make my living working on cars. I do antique auto restoration, I've done auto body and mechanical work on hot rods, I also sell and work on high end imports as well.