Oscar Rodriguez:
Title: My first VW Jetta SEL
Where: My very first VW Jetta SEL, Got it recently June 6, 2013. I am extremely happy that I finally got my dream car since I was 10!!! I love VW and the material you guys put in your cars!!! I can honesty say that I'm staying with VW for a really long time!!! Thank you VW For the amazing car!! P.S I know the pic is not all fancy but I still wanted to share the brand I love!!! I would recommend anyone to get a VW!!
Story: I am a 21yr old male going to school trying to get my life started. My dream career is to become a psychologist even though I am aware it's about a 8yr process. I live in Las Vegas also were I got my VW. I am nothing special, Not Rich, or have a family! Lol But I am one person that want to make a Difference in this world. Thank you for your time :)