Felicity Jordet:
Title: It all starts in a VW onsie!
Where: 4 month old Jamison is in VW baby boot camp. His Daddy is a loyal & dedicated VW fan & is hoping Jamison will follow in his footsteps!
Story: I am Jamison's Mommy (Felicity) & I have been along for the ride while his Daddy (Brent) has been the proud owner & restorer of: a 67 square back, 69 square back, 73 square back, 65 notch back, 67 bus, 63 covertible beetle, 66 covertible beetle, 59 single cab & a 57 oval window bug. I had a 2000 beetle & a 2001 Jetta. No VW's currently, but Daddy wants a project-maybe something our 4 year old can drive in 12 years:-)