Lauren Bonvini:
Title: Bahhummmm
Where: My precious Bahhum bug has been with me for almost 10 years. We began our life together in CT, ventured through all of the northeastern US, Quebec, and New Brunswick together, and after 5 years of braving NH winters, we decided to move west to WA (with many trips to British Columbia). This is the farthest west we've been thus far (until tomorrow!), on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. I can't imagine road tripping with another car.
Story: I'm a full time tutor and co-owner of my tutoring company in Seattle and New Englander turned Pacific Northwesterner with a passion for outdoor adventure. My car has served as a base camp for road tripping, a tack room at horse shows, and a ski-transporting master of the snow. We travel topless every month of the year through any state or province. If cars have souls, Bahhum is my soulmate.