Jamie Massarelli:
Title: My Happy Place
Where: This picture captures my sweet little vw golf in all its glory. It was taken this January on highway 1 in California, as I am driving past Point Sur, a massive volcanic rock turned naval facility, during sunset, my favorite time of the day. My best friend captured me in my happy place. I purchased this car while I was in California this winter for a travel nursing assignment. It was the biggest and most life changing purchase I have ever made. I drove the car down the coast of california with my best friend and then drove it 3800 miles to the east coast where I live. After 14 days and 3800 miles, I still loved every thing about this golf. It gave me the chance to see the country, and it taught me that it is conquerable. Just 4 months after this picture was taken, the car was stolen from my apartment in Washington, DC and crashed 7 days later. The car had a short but sweet life. I am grateful for all that it gave me.
Story: I am a pediatric oncology nurse living in Washington, DC, and I am studying to become a nurse practitioner. I am passionate about life. I am an ex-competitive sprinter turned leisurely jogging fanatic. I love to eat, learn, travel, and attempt to cook. I have a massive family and love nothing more than to be around them. My flexible schedule as a nurse allows me to travel home to Boston frequently to see my family. I just bought my second VW Golf this month and am love that one just as much as my first.