Lisa Lindow:
Title: It's only fitting Lisa's new car be towed home by a VW
Where: My husband bought me the Passat for Christmas. I searched and searched to find one that had everything I wanted within a reasonable driving distance to pick up. My step-daughter, at 17 yrs old, had to have her tonsils out on a Wednesday and we were going to pick it up on the following Saturday thinking she would be recovered enough by then to be home by herself for the day. Friday night she started vomiting and felt worse so I told my husband we would just have to postpone picking it up because I didn't think she should be left alone. He said he would make the 8 hour round-trip rive himself, stop and rent a trailer on the way, and tow it back. Nothing more appropriate than a VW towing a VW.
Story: I love my 2007 Passat. It is a 6 speed manual with the sport package. It is the nicest car I've ever had. I went from driving a mini-van to the Passat. What a fun and upgrading switch. My husband drives a 2006 Touareg and races a 1987 Golf through SCCA so I would be elated to win this contest, not only to show our love for VW, but to be able to purchase some items to wear at the races and elsewhere. My husband is from Germany so the VW is in his blood. He moved here when he was 12 and served 20 years in the AirForce.