Dylan Bogard:
Title: Pumkin the 1973 Super Beetle
Where: This is my beloved 73 Super Beetle named Pumkin mid restoration. I saved this car from being cut up to be a dune buggy and have been with her ever since then. This is a photo taken right after I got her back from the welding shop where she finally got her second life from two amazing VW people in Cincinnati, OH. It was made to look like the photo taken the same day that I got the car, tye dye t-shirt and all. In the picture she is getting ready to be cleaned up and go to paint.
Story: I am currently a junior at Eastern Kentucky University. I have been a VW nut since first seeing the classic Herbie the Love Bug movies as a kid. All through middle school and high school I browsed through papers, side streets, and the Internet looking for a VW to put in my life. I finally found this beauty and have had an adventure ever since. I got this car just before my 16th birthday, helped pay it, and have loved it ever since. There are so many memories with this car, and it has lead me to meet so many people. I plan on keeping this car forever. Around college and my hometown this car has been recognized as Dylan's Beetle.