Whitney Temple:
Title: Vdub Love
Where: I love my Volkswagen Beetle, it was my first car and I don't want anything other than a Volkswagen. I got this tattoo because Volkswagen is more than a car, I feel comfortable in it and I love it so much. So many people ask me why I would get the logo tattooed on me, so I ask them if they have a Volkswagen? And they say no, see they wouldn't understand because they don't have one.
Story: I'm 18 years old and a college student. My yellow Volkswagen is currently having problems, too many problems that are costly and I can't afford. It breaks my heart but I have to find a new one, but nothing can replace my first car. I've been searching for the perfect one but it hasn't come along yet. Photography is my passion and I love spending time with family.