Michael Lingo:
Title: Mk6 Golf
Where: Every weekend I detail my car at a baywash in Tampa. Take my little cousins to help clean my vw and teach them about vw. So that way they would have a love for vw like u do. My 2010 golf is named diamond so i put her name on the headrest. I just installed the fog lights and my cousin is drying her off. I named her diamond because she shines bright looks right and is one of a kind
Story: My name is mike, I live in tanpa, Florida. I have a love and passion for Volkswagen. I live and breathe. Ima car enthusiast so I started my own car club called Tampa I.N.C. I have a euro side and a Japanese side. We have our own little rival in the group to see which side is better. Soon we will be having big car meets so residents of Tsnpa can come check us out.