Larry Sartore:
Title: I have so many more !
Where: This picture was take last weekend when my wife and daughter took our first camping trip in our new '78 Westfalia. The girls drove the Cabrio and I drove the bus..
Story: I would love to talk to someone regarding this...first off we are a VW family full of love and 5 VWs ....We realize that they are more then just a car. My mom had many of them growing up and passed her love for them to me. I have a picture of her and her pre 68' split window camper from back in the 70s. I really feel that we are a great fot for your campaign. It would be a honor to be featured in a VW publication. We currently own a 71 fastback and squareback both painted L54D MarinaBlau, 1978 Westfalia, 1999.5 Cabrio and a 2007 Passat Wagon.