Sharon Monos:
Title: Sharon's Beetle
Where: This picture epitomizes my love for my Beetle. Fall is my favorite time to drive her so I couldn't help but have my picture taken during this time of year. With black interior and a heater that never shuts off, I don't really drive her much during the heat of the summer. Give me a sunny fall day and we are on the road creating smiles wherever we go! I added the eyelashes a few years ago to "girly" her up a bit to prevent my husband from driving her. So far it really hasn't worked. :(
Story: I purchased my Beetle while I was in college and I still proudly own her today, some thirty years later. I am a wife and mother of one son who thinks it will be really cool to drive my beetle some day when he gets his license. He already has girls interested in dating (and marrying!) him so they can take a ride in her. With 44,208 original miles, I hope to pass her on to him someday so he can enjoy the same glorious fun as I've had all these years.