Carlos perez:
Title: 1980 vw caddy at CA car show
Where: Here is an example of my 1980 caddy with tons of mods at CA car show. I spent many hours trying to build a cool and retro caddy which are far and few out there! I thought this picture represented me and my originality. The lines of this rare truck are amazing and I have a great time driving it and getting the thumbs up while driving it. Hope you guys like it!
Story: I have been in love with vw cars since I bought my first jetta. I always looked at vw cars as a personality type and self reflection. I got the bug for customizing my vw's 15 years ago and I have not stopped with well over 20 projects under my belt I have grown to create and make them much cooler than they already are! I own a eurovan which I use for my business (catering) I own routan which we use for the family. I have a fun caddy truck which is my fun project and cruising. I am always looking for a new project to resurrect and its always a vdub!