Mark Van Auken:
Title: Like Father Like Son
Where: Like Father Like Son....Who said you can't go back in time. When I was his age I was learning to drive our family's 1969 Beetle with my Father. Soon after I moved up to my Father's 1971 Karmann Ghia and together we drove that car to have even more fun. My first car I bought was the new 1975 Rabbit. Today I drive a Passat and the 1974 Ghia pictured on the weekends with my Son. It's all about memories I once had with my Father and now I am having with my Son. Some things never change like driving a Volkswagen, just for the enjoyment! "Fahrvergnugen!"
Story: I have been a Banker by profession for the last 27 years. I love German cars and am on my 5th Volkswagen since I got my drivers license in 1971. My Son and I had the pleasure of touring in March your Volkswagen Chattanooga factory and it was outstanding. I loved it so much I told my wife when I retire I am going to get a job at the factory and be a part of an awesome team. That Passat is an incredible value with all of the engineering, design and safety built into it. I can't stop telling my friends about the experience my Son and I had. I could not wait to tell all of my VW friends at Falcone VW here in Indianapolis when I got back.