Jose Soares:
Title: GTI Beast
Where: This is my brand new 2013 GTI Turbo! :D this is my second VW in year and a half... ive been IN LOVE with VW since i found out about about them pretty much.. i used to dream about getting the classic "surf/rock" Van since i had like 10 years old. Here i am, 16 years later, getting something wayyyy better and FASTER! Seriously, the GTI just blow my mind as soon as i saw it. Couldn't feel more happy about my choice and im definitely not switching to any other brand EVER! The interiors are amazing, i feel like in a nascar racing car, the shift paddles makes me feel like a freaking pro pilot, now i want to learn how to drift haha for real, this car is amazing!!! NO COMPLAINS AT ALL....
Story: well, im a 26 years young guy, working for Ducati as a parts department. Funny thing that im into racing but not into bikes at all... lol so glad i had the chance to test and actually buy my own gti, ive been fan of VW for almost 15 years. i remember i friend which had one of the golf's around 2001-2004 and when i jumped in the car, i just was like "WOW, this car looks great and i need to get one of this!" i loved the interior lights in red and blue, plus the response of the engine. it was like 100km in 6 secs, my friend would go 180km DOWNHILL freaking me out but at the same time that adrenaline rush that speed gives you was what made me decide about getting a VW no matter what. DREAM COME TRUE! :D