Pam Fortney:
Title: Rascal & his VW shirt
Where: When we bought our new VW Jetta TDI, everybody fell in love with our yorkie (who we had rescued over 4 1/2 yrs ago). Our salesman, Steve, at State College Motors, gave us this shirt "I'm kinda of a big deal" with the VW logo on it for him. It fits him completely, but it should say "I'm a big deal" as he is just like our new car as we love it just like he does.
Story: Married for 27 years. We live in a small town, app. 10000 people. I am involved with the ACA, anything to do with cancer charities (as I lost my older sister to brain cancer on 11/24/11) and children charities. I have 2 children, ages 27 and 25 and my baby, Rascal (my yorkie) who rescued from his breeder when he was a 1 1/2. This is our 2nd VW and we love it.