Jennifer May:
Title: Sunshine
Where: This is sunshine, our '73 camper bus. We have had her for about 13 years. She lived a very full life before we met her. Legend has it, she followed the Grateful Dead across the country. Since we bought her, she has traveled with my husband and I all over and her specialty is creating smiles! Of course, we also get many peace signs too! We have a lot of love for sunshine. She has kept us dry during stormy nights while we are camping. She brings new friends to us at music festivals because she draws crowds of smiling festival-goers. People often ask to take their picture with her, she's such a crowd pleaser! When we take her to the park for a picnic, kids love to peek inside and see the camping features. She puts out positive vibes, creates smiles, and brings back memories. We hear all sorts of stories from people about when they used to own or know someone that owned a VW bus. Most recently, when we were at a concert, a man in his 20's came up to us and recognized her from when he was a little boy. He couldn't believe she is still around and had his own stories to tell. That was great! We need her around and we do everything we can to make sure she is still running strong! We love our sunshine!
Story: We are a married couple that lives in eastern PA. We are nature lovers and enjoy camping, hiking, biking, music festivals, concerts, and traveling.